Party with the Best

With over 50 of our top celebrity Zumba® instructors hailing from over 30 countries, this cruise is your Zumba® Wonderland. This elite team was hand-picked by Beto, the creator of the Zumba® program, and is composed of Zumba® Education Specialists (ZESs), Zumba® Jammers (ZJs), and Zumba® presenters that tour the world teaching master classes to thousands. Come get up close and personal with all-star celebs like Gina Grant, Steve Boedt, Marcie Benavides and Kass Martin to name a few.
Beto Perez
The Creator of Zumba® Fitness
Beto Perez hails from Cali, Colombia where he began his career as a fitness instructor. As the Zumba® legend goes, he arrived at his aerobics class one day and realized he forgot his regular music. He improvised, grabbing some salsa and merengue tapes from his bag and the rest is history! Today, Beto travels the world sharing his passion for music and movement with millions of Zumba® fans globally.
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